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Wax crystals are the perfect addition to a luxurious gift-giving occasion. This candle is designed to last a lifetime using refillable wax crystals.


The design is both chic and elegant, making it a perfect statement piece for any room. The warm, inviting glow of this candle will create a relaxing ambiance in any space.


A candle that will last you for years......


The candle pack includes a container for the crystals, a packet of wicks, and a pack of unscented wax crystals.


Note: Wax crystals currently come in white and are unscented, other options will be released very soon.


Warning: To prevent fire and serious injury, burn candle within sight. Keep away from drafts and vibrations. Keep away from children, pets, and flammable objects.


VAT Included
    1. Position the wick centrally within the container.
    2. Pour in the wax crystals.
    3. After filling, ensure that the wick is only 10mm above the level of the crystals, and light.
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